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(Press Release - April 1, 2021) IRD issues profits tax, property tax and employerreturns for 2020-21Get price

Hong Kong government’s subsidy scheme for installing electric

Oct 28, 2020 · The government will shell out up to HK$15 million to residential buildings seeking to add chargers, with Tesla, Hyundai and Nissan currently Hong Kong’s top-selling electric vehicle makers.Get price

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Apr 01, 2021 · 2017 Hong Kong Emission Inventory. The Environmental Protection Department published the 2017 Hong Kong Emission Inventory Report on 27 June 2019 which analyzed the quantity of local air pollutant emissions and their major emission sources, and would help formulate an effective air quality management strategy in Hong Kong.Get price

2012 Hong Kong Emission Inventory Report

emissions for the formulation of air quality management strategy. It helps assess the effectiveness of emission control measures that are in implementation, identify areas where control actions should be stepped up, support air quality impact modeling and assessment, etc. 1.2 This report presents the 2012 Hong Kong emission inventory.Get price

IRD : Profits Tax

The following sums are deemed to be receipts arising in or derived from Hong Kong from a trade, profession or business carried on in Hong Kong under the Inland Revenue Ordinance (I.R.O.) :- Sums received from the exhibition or use in Hong Kong of cinematography or television film or tape, sound recording or their connected advertising materialsGet price

Data Statistics | Environmental Protection Department

The emission inventory for Hong Kong was first published on EPDwebsite in March 2000. The emission inventory comprises estimates of emissions from seven source categories for six major air pollutants, namely: sulphur dioxide (SO 2 ), nitrogen oxides (NOx), respirable suspended particulates (RSP or PM 10 ), fine suspended particulates (FSP orGet price

Overview of insulating gas Emissions Sources and Reduction Options in

Emission Reduction Partnership for Electric Power Systems is a collaborative, voluntary effort between EPA and the electric power industry to identify, recommend, and implement . cost-effective solutions to reduce or eliminate SF. 6. emissions. The SF. 6. emissions of Partners have reduced by 74% since 1999. Figure 1. SF. 6Get price

Vehicle Emission Inventory Development in Hong Kong

Vehicle Emission Inventory Development in Hong Kong Dr. Carol Wong Senior Environmental Protection Officer Environmental Protection Department February, 2012 Environmental Protection Department 2011 International Workshop on Mobile Source Emission Inventory and Transportation Conformity 1Get price

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generation is the major source of GHG emissions in Hong Kong, accounting for over 60% of the total local emissions. The transport sector is the second largest GHG emission source (16%), followed by waste (12%). Among various end uses of electricity, buildings account for some 89% in Hong Kong. Therefore, reducing electricity consumption forGet price

Hong Kong falls 78 per cent short of 2030 carbon emissions

Dec 04, 2018 · Hong Kong has fallen 78 per cent short of the 2030 carbon emissions target set by C40 Cities for high emitting cities, a study by NGO CarbonCare InnoLab has suggested. Hong Kong is set to reduceGet price

Are Electric Vehicles Really Less Polluting Than Fossil-Fuel

Sep 19, 2020 · Hong KongRichest. Leaders Have Committed To Net Zero. Now What? that while PHEV manufacturers cite official test results showing CO2 emissions averaging 44g per km, they actually emitGet price


the per capita emissions for the world should average around 2 tonnes CO2-e. Our 2020 target will reduce Hong Kong’s per capita contribution to less than 4.5 tonnes; and our 2030 target could reduce it further to about 3.3-3.8 tonnes. There would still be a way to go for Hong Kong to reach 2 tonnes per capita further into the future.Get price


2 - EMISSION FACTORS: DATABASE DOCUMENTATION (2020 edition) INTERNATIONAL ENERGY AGENCY This document contains a description of the electricity and heat emissions factors file distributed together with the 2020 edition of the Emission factors data package. This excel file includes 10 sheets with a set of carbon emissionGet price

Why providing alternatives to insulating gas and other greenhouse gases

Sulfr hexafluoride and atmospheric greenhouse gases Learn more about the three emission scopes and how to manage them here. The good news is that demand for reductions in these critical areas is giving rise to innovation. Developments in circularity and product lifecycle design, biofuels, and other technologies are helping companies get closer to net zero.Get price

Hong Kong government’s subsidy scheme for installing electric

Oct 28, 2020 · The Hong Kong government’s HK$2 billion subsidy scheme to upgrade charging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs) at private residential buildings opened for applications last week, though official figures suggest the city’s adoption of green cars remains lacklustre. In a written reply to the Legislative Council on Wednesday, Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing said the pilot scheme to subsidise the installation of parking spaces outfitted with chargers in private housing estatesGet price

Hong Kong CO2 Emissions - Worldometer

CO2 emissions per capita in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PeopleRepublic of China are equivalent to 6.50 tons per person (based on a population of 7,243,542 in 2016), an increase by 0.03 over the figure of 6.47 CO2 tons per person registered in 2015; this represents a change of 0.4% in CO2 emissions per capita.Get price

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There is typically a significant cost premium associated with these surface quality specifications. Table 2: This table shows scratch-dig specifications needed for a variety of applications. To learn more about scratch-dig specifications, visit our Understanding Surface Quality Specifications based on U.S. Standard MIL-PRF-13830B application note.Get price

Big increase in number of companies factoring carbon price

Apr 21, 2021 · Companies are increasingly taking into account the cost of carbon in their business plans, according to new research. In just five years, CDP says there has been an 80 percent increase in the number of companies using – or planning to use – an internal carbon price.Get price

Hydrogen Truck Startup NikolaValuation Jumps To $3 Billion

Sep 03, 2019 · Hong KongRichest . MalaysiaRichest an Arizona startup that wants to shake up the trucking world with zero-emission hydrogen and battery-powered semis, is making progress toward a $1Get price

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Hong Kong HKD (0005) Becoming a net zero bank HSBC has led a financing deal that will pay for sectors including construction and utilities to reduce theirGet price

56% Emissions Reduction Eyed by Hong Kong with Electrified

Apr 03, 2013 · Replacing Hong Kong’s 18,000 propane autogas taxis and 12,000 diesel buses with electric taxis and buses would mean a reduction in emissions equivalent to over 800,000 private cars, according to BYD, and a leap towards its ultimate target: low-city-noise, zero emissions, and zero pollution.Get price

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Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Buildings in Hong Kong (2010 Edition)Get price

Accepting fact that nuclear energy is clean changes everything

Aug 04, 2016 · Hong KongRichest. MalaysiaRichest Biden’s High-Cost Plan To Accelerate U.S. Adoption Of Electric Vehicles production of nearly 60% of New Yorkelectricity supply will result inGet price

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Consumers who purchase two-stroke gasoline powered Husqvarna branded handheld products for non-income producing personal use or household purposes, excluding commercial, agricultural, retail, industrial and rental usage types, can extend their product warranty from the standard 2 years up to a 5 year limited warrantyGet price

Urban Commercial Zero-Emission Vehicle Company Lightning

Dec 10, 2020 · Lightning eMotors has the country’s largest commercial zero-emission fleet vehicle manufacturing facility in the U.S. with annual production capacity of 1,000 vehicles today and expanding toGet price

Tesla’s Stock Surge Bodes Well For EV Marketplace, And The Grid

Feb 06, 2020 · Tesla’s wild stock ride began Monday with a whopping 20% increase to $780 per share.That was followed by a 17% price spike Tuesday, sending prices near the $1000 dollar mark. Year-to-date thatGet price

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With all our experience in infrastructure, Siemens knows how today’s capabilities, especially the digital tools that we’ve helped develop, can be applied to do things that simply weren't possible before—creating the smart, networked infrastructure of America’s future.Get price

Industry Perspective: Achieving Carbon Reduction in Hong Kong

While Hong Kong transforms to a lower carbon economy, key energy policy objectives in terms of reliability, environment and reasonable cost have to be met For the power sector, Hong Kong is in the direction to phase down coal-fired generation upon plant retirement and replace them with more gas-fired generation and RE by 2030Get price

Check Point Software Technologies Reports 2021 First Quarter

SAN CARLOS, Calif., April 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), today announced its financial results for the quarter ended March 31st, 2021. FirstGet price